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Dear TfL,

I write to you to formally endorse the proposals put forward by you in the 2017 Bakerloo Line Extension Consultation.

However, I feel that TfL, The GLA and the Mayor of London must ensure that the Bakerloo Line Extension does not terminate at Lewisham Train Station and instead carry on via Catford, Sydenham and into the London Borough of Bromley, and that this should be delivered in line with the rest of the project.

The history of the Bakerloo Line Extension has shown that despite previous approvals it will have taken almost 100 years from initial agreement a Southern extension was possible to it becoming a reality.

London’s South East quarter is poorly served by the variety of public transport infrastructure, having this new extension terminate on TfL Zone 2 border to the South but travel to Zone 5 in the north, shows an inequality, and this new upgraded service will be necessary to support London’s growth, economy and housing needs in the future.

There is overwhelming public support for the Bakerloo extension, and for it to go all the way to LB of Bromley. Over 15,000 people responded to the last TfL consultation in 2014, with 96% supporting the extension. The comparative cost, between the extension to Lewisham, and the cost to extend using existing overground rail routes is minuscule, comparatively to the benefits of it, and the cost of tunnelling the first leg. By a majority of 2 to 1, respondents to your previous consultation backed extending the Bakerloo Line past Lewisham to the LB of Bromley.

I look forward to TfL making the right decision in making sure that the extension goes all the way.

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