2017 Consultation for Bakerloo through Lewisham

TfL are consulting on extending the Bakerloo Line and you’ve got until FRIDAY to influence the proposals.

We’re saying the Bakerloo Extension must go beyond Lewisham and on to Hayes in order to meet London’s needs

You’ve got two ways to respond:

Edit and send a pre-drafted email to TfL
Text of email is here


Reply to the TfL consultation questionnaire in full

TfL are proposing that the Bakerloo Line is extended only to Lewisham. Their proposals literally don’t go far enough. We must ensure it carries on to Hayes via Catford & Sydenham.

TfL have said themselves that extending the Bakerloo to Hayes would boost capacity, increase frequency, and cut journey times. The extension beyond Lewisham would use existing track, so it would be quick and affordable to deliver. Stopping the extension at Lewisham would be a wasted opportunity.

There is overwhelming support for the Bakerloo Extension. Over 15,000 people responded to the last TfL consultation in 2014 – their largest ever – with 96% supporting the extension. By a majority of 2 to 1, respondents backed the extension to Hayes, over the option to terminate at Lewisham.

If you’re completing the full consultation, under question 12, please call on TfL to extend the Bakerloo Line beyond Lewisham and on to Hayes, and to deliver the extension as soon as possible.

Extending the Bakerloo Line would be good for our community and good for London too. Let’s make sure it happens soon, and that it goes all the way to Hayes.

Best wishes,

Cllr Joe Dromey & Cllr James-J Walsh

The Bakerloo Extension Campaign



8 thoughts on “2017 Consultation for Bakerloo through Lewisham

  1. We of and attached to the Corbett Residence Association would like Catford to be included in the Bakerloo line extension. There is a demand for this and the changing demographics of the area and the practical need to enhance travel options are strong factors on this application.

    Many thanks.


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